In the fall of 2010 City of Chattanooga, TN scheduled the rehabilitation of 8,000 of 18" & 24" sanitary sewer line.  The project was won by SAK Construction out of O'Fallon, MO.  SAK entrusted the bypass operation to Municipal Hydro Services.  The existing sewer line traveled through several diffcult areas including a marina that was connected to the Tennessee River.  A detailed bypass plan was required by the engineering firm to ensure safety when bypassing the sewer in and around waterways.  MHS provided a system that was capable of handling a total of 7 MGDS by means of four 8" pumps and 12" fused HDPE pipe.  The pipe had to be manuevered around a marina as well as floated across the waterway to avoid private properties.  The pipe was discharged into the existing pump station that pumped the sewer across the Tennessee River into the city's main water treatment plant.  At the end of the project it became necessary for the contractor to gain access into the pump station to cut out the CIPP liner at it's termination point.  At that time MHS was called on to put in a booster system in-line with the current bypass system to tie directly into the city's existing 18" force main that traveled to the treatment plant.  MHS performed the bypass inside of the alotted time frame and with no spills or infractions.  Both the city and the contractor were able to complete the job in the scheduled time allowed, and MHS was commended for our efforts.
Chattanooga, TN Project Bypass Pumping for 18" & 24" CIPP Sanitary Sewer Project 7 MGDS
Shown above is the 12" HDPE pipe running through the Marina during rehablitation of 24" line
Shown above is the booster system required when bypassing the pump station that bypassed directly to the plant